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We are a ‘running and multi-sports’ club, we run on Wimbledon Common, local quiet residential streets in the winter and the Wimbledon Park running track. Club sessions are designed to offer something for everyone throughout the week. Coached cycling and swimming sessions take place locally. Our sessions allow those who wish to run, cycle and swim for general fitness to do so without pressure, and those who wish to develop their performance are given the support they need to do so.

Training news posts

  • Updated coaching policy, April 2022
    An updated version of the Coaching Policy was approved at the committee meeting on 25th April 2022 Changes made since the November 2021 version: Modification of MultiSport coaching requirements to clarify club expectations when funding coach training Restructuring of content Changes already approved in November 2021: Coaches are required to […]
  • Track session – 16 April
    This week’s track sessions for your running-in-circles-pleasure. As always, all welcome, no pace requirements, but you’ll definitely get the most out of your session if you join us for refuelling and rehydration in the cafe afterwards …. 09:09-10:15 sessionCoach: Andrew Black 3x (800m, 5:45/6:00/7:00 cycle); 5x (400m, 2:45/3:00/3:30 cycle); 3x (200m, […]
  • Tuesday lunchtime social runs
    Want to add a lunchtime run into your schedule? Why not join Caroline and Diane on Tuesdays at 1pm at the Windmill for a 4-5 mile run on the common. The session finishes at 2pm for those who need to get back to work, or have other commitments. All speeds […]
  • Track Sessions Sat 29th Jan
    Track Sessions Sat 29th Jan General Session 10:15-11:30 Session : 7 mins, 6x 1 min, 7 mins, 60 secs recoveries Coach : Anneli Collins The general purpose ‘walk-in’ session – no need to pre-register, just turn up and run. 20 minutes of effort punctuated by 60 secs recoveries.  Suitable for any ability/fitness […]
  • Return to Belgrave Hall for weekday sessions from Thursday 25th November
    From this Thursday 25th November all weekday running sessions will return to meeting at Belgrave Hall (Denmark Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 4PG). Given that this is an indoor location we will be minimising the time spent indoors and the club’s Belgrave Hall protocol is posted at – please read it […]
  • Intro to the Thames Towpath – training this Sunday
    This Sunday (31st Oct) there will be another Intro to the Thames Towpath – including how to get there/back from the Windmill. This will be an easy paced run but it is 11 miles (17.7km) so we ask that you are confident of being able to run at least 9 miles […]
  • Cross country season
    If you would like to do Surrey cross country this season, please make sure you are registered with England Athletics. (An EA number on its own is not proof of registration, you will have paid an extra £15 on top of your club membership fee). Please check your EA registration […]
  • Trail to Track special session 9th October
    If you have not yet signed up for the special cross country season Session on Sat 9th October there is still time. This is a unique progression run which you will not have an opportunity to try very often so don’t miss it.. The session is based on our popular Trail to Track […]
  • Special Cross Country Season Session/Social – Sat 9th October
    With the first Surrey League XC matches of the season on 16th Oct the coaches have organised a XC training session on Sat 9th Oct starting at 09:30 from the Windmill, with an informal social afterwards. The session is based on our popular Trail to Track session – starting on the Common, […]
  • Training sessions from 20th September
    Starting this week we make the transition to our autumn/winter training schedule which sees us utilising our road circuit session plans on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As previously mentioned please give serious consideration to wearing some hi-viz clothing and/or lights when attending these sessions. This is for your own safety and […]