Track Sessions Sat 29th Jan

General Session 10:15-11:30

Session : 7 mins, 6x 1 min, 7 mins, 60 secs recoveries

Coach : Anneli Collins

The general purpose ‘walk-in’ session – no need to pre-register, just turn up and run.

20 minutes of effort punctuated by 60 secs recoveries.  Suitable for any ability/fitness level.

For most Windmilers this will work out at between 3.5-6.5km worth of effort.

Core @ Track 10 :15-11 :30

Session : Rehab, prehab and strength exercises. NO running.

Coach: Norman Urquia

Speed Endurance Session 09:00-10:15

Session: 1k, 800m, 600m, 2x 400m, 3x 300m, 5x 200m; (90 secs)

Coach: TBD

A session to work on your 5k pace (which also benefits your performance over shorter &  longer distances).

Relatively generous 90 secs passive recoveries allow the intensity (pace) of the reps to be kept high.

Speed Session 09:00-10:15 or 10:15-11:30

Session: 4x (300m, 200m, 90 secs); [3 mins]

Coach: TBD

Already we are at the end of January – have you fitted a pure speed session into your training this year?
Lose it or use it. Milers should be doing these sessions every week, 5-10k runners a few times a month.

Longer distance runners at least once a month.

Half/Marathon Session 09:00-10:15

Session:  Mexican Fartlek: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 mins. Odds hard, evens easy

Coach: Norman Urquia

Targeting those working toward a spring marathon (or half) this session aligns with the mid-week programme.

This week is the start of a series of track based fartleks led by Norman – each one different.


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