This week’s track sessions for your running-in-circles-pleasure. As always, all welcome, no pace requirements, but you’ll definitely get the most out of your session if you join us for refuelling and rehydration in the cafe afterwards ….

09:09-10:15 session
Coach: Andrew Black

3x (800m, 5:45/6:00/7:00 cycle); 5x (400m, 2:45/3:00/3:30 cycle); 3x (200m, 1:20 cycle) 

Volume: 5kmIntensity: 5k PB (Aspirant) / or target pace Cycle time = Both the rep and the recovery, inclusive.For example: 400m run in 90 secs on a 3:00 min cycle would allow 90 secs recovery. Coach will adjust groups to suit your pace/training objectives on the day and let you know when recovery is up!  

10:15-11:30 session

Coach: Kate Carter

4 mins, 2x 3 mins, 2x 2.5 mins, 2x 1.5 mins, 2x 1 mins, 60 secs Volume: 20 mins effort with 60 secs recoveriesIntensity: 5k PB (Aspirant) / or target pace

This will work out as between 3.5-6.5km of effort for most Windmilers.

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