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Annual membership fees from April 2022 – March 2023

Individual fee: over 18s only

£41.00 (£25.00 Windmilers, plus £16 England Athletics registration)

If you are already a member of another running club, you can join the Windmilers as a “second claim” member. You pay only the Windmilers’ club membership fee, and pay England Athletics registration through your other club.

Family membership

£52.00 (£36.00 Windmilers, plus £16 England Athletics registration for the primary member)

Family membership includes any member’s partner and children up to the age of 17, or those 18 or over in full-time education. Please note that under-18s cannot participate in club sessions unaccompanied by a parent or guardian member.

Discounted individual membership

£28.50 (£12.50 Windmilers, plus £16 England Athletics registration)

Available to members aged 60 or over, full-time students or unemployed and/or claiming benefits at the membership renewal date.  This amount is subject to rounding to allow for easy administration.  Family memberships are not eligible for this discount. A photocopy of supporting documentation should be provided with the membership application.