Wimbledon Windmilers Running Club is one of London's bigger running clubs and we think it's the most friendly and welcoming, with about 600 members of all ages and a wide range of abilities. Read more

Club membership

Membership renewal payment will NOT be on 1 April this year, so your current membership will remain active until the renewal does happen. This is partly due to the current coronavirus situation but also because we are working to move our membership system to one provided by England Athletics (EA) and we need to do further work to set it up and test. This work should be completed before the end of April, so we will contact you again later this month with further plans about this year’s membership payment.

Virtual training session, Tues 7 April

The coaches have scheduled the first Windmiler virtual training session.This will be on Zoom at 19:15 - 20:00 Tuesday 7 April. It'll be an informal Q&A and chat. Steve will host, and other coaches including Kate, Keith and Norman will be online to answer questions, bounce around ideas and make suggestions for training in these difficult times. All Windmilers are invited. Read more to find out the details. 


Coronavirus update - 25 March

The latest Coronavirus statement from England Athletics, issued on 24 March, is now mandating that all physical coaching ceases, and is only to be conducted via virtual means during this period. They are also extending the suspension of all athletics activity in England to 31 May.  

Autumn Quarter Marathon - entry open now!

Entry to the Windmilers' Autumn Quarter Marathon (Saturday September 26) is now open!  This delightful trail race is open to all.  Read more about it here  https://quartermarathon.windmilers.org.uk/

Training newsletter

Hi Windmilers! Pasted below is the training email sent out yesterday. If you would like to receive this in your inbox just go to your account and opt in. Thank you! Kate 


Recommendation to wear an ICE product at Windmiler sessions (discount code available)

The Wimbledon Windmilers Committee has agreed to recommend that all Windmilers consider wearing an ‘In case of emergency’ (ICE) product during Windmilers running, cycling or swimming sessions, or carry emergency contact details with them. Coaches will encourage members to do so at their sessions.

The latest Waffle is now out!

The February 2020 issue of the Waffle is now out!  Find it here

Hard copies will be available at cross country on Saturday and at the Sunday social.

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