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Membership renewal 2021-22

Our new membership year started on 1 April, thanks to everyone who has renewed so far.  For those who've been busy with other things, but now want to get training and take part in club events -  we need you all to fill out a simple online health form to get the process going.  Read on...

The three mile handicap back!


We are back for the second in this year's series of races on 25th May.

What: The second event in the classic Windmiler 3 mile handicap series that occurs every month over the summer months

Who: This event is for members only

When: Complete the 3 miles between 29th June - 2nd July

Where: Either in person or virtually

Wimbledon Windmilers - updated Covid-19 plan and risk assessment April 2021

Club running sessions will be restarting from Sunday 11th April 2021. Club sessions operate according to government and sports body guidelines. As before, please take responsibility for your own safe participation. See the club’s participant session rules at https://www.windmilers.org.uk/node/18127)

Staying safe on a run - from welfare officers Rich and Lorna

The recent (and local) abduction and murder of Sarah Everard has raised the issue of women’s safety. Whilst society as a whole needs to review how we treat women (a conversation for a long run with either of us, if you feel so inclined), as a multi-sport club our concern is primarily about the safety of our members when out exercising. There has been plenty of debate on social media channels about the responsibilities of men and women in fostering a safe environment, but to summarise - there are certainly some things we can all do in this regard.

Ten club places are available for the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 12th September 2021!

Here’s an opportunity to enter a real race. If you are a club member you can apply for a guaranteed entry into the 2021 Brighton Marathon via the club Secretary. Entry costs £75. Ten club places are available on a first-come, first-served basis and your registration form must be completed and paid by 18th July 2021. If you are interested, please contact Anne Davies at secretary@windmilers.org.uk.

Windmilers’ participant session rules (29th March 2021)

England Athletics advises that people should continue to train and exercise in groups of up to six adhering to social distancing. We recommend that members who run in their own informal groups apply the club's participant session rules. Although less restrictive guidelines now exist for some situations, these club rules are intended to protect the safety of participants and the general public, and to preserve a positive reputation for the running community and the Wimbledon Windmilers club.


Covid-19 symptoms

Recommendation to wear an ICE product at Windmiler sessions (discount code available)

The Wimbledon Windmilers Committee has agreed to recommend that all Windmilers consider wearing an ‘In case of emergency’ (ICE) product during Windmilers running, cycling or swimming sessions, or carry emergency contact details with them. Coaches will encourage members to do so at their sessions.

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