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Logging in:

The club website at currently has two separate logins. We hope to put all member-only content under a single login in due course, but for now here’s how to log in to both areas:

[1] Members area on the ClubBuzz site: Log in with your user name beginning with ‘win….’, which you need to request from the Secretary (if you have forgotten your username click on ‘Lost your username’ on the login page). Your email address will not work. Once registered you will receive an email from [email protected] to set your password – do check your junk folder. This is the area of the site where you will find committee details, club documents and club discounts.

[2] ‘Windmilers Account & Results’ login: Click on Windmilers Account & Results‘ and use the email address you provided to the Windmilers, but the password for this login is new. Click on ‘Click here if logging in for the first time’ to set a password. This is the area of the site where you will find your membership details, newsletter subscriptions and race results.

* You can also log in to England Athletics to see your membership status and profile, or to change your email address for club communications. It will help the club if you complete the Equality and Diversity questions on the ‘My Profile’ page. An aggregated overview of the club’s diversity can be seen by the club.