The club organizes two different mile races a year.

In the spring we have the classic Windmile - one from the earlier days of the club, revived in 2011 after a break of a few years. Here you're running an approximate mile on a trail on the Common, in a roughly straight line.

In the autumn we have the Windmile on the track - a measured mile (just over 4 laps) on a smooth surface.

We want to see as many Windmilers as possible of different speeds running in each of these races!


  • Windmile on the common: Friday 20 August 2021
  • Windmile on the track: watch this space!


Mile on the Common instructions

Register: (registration opens Monday 9th August and closes midday on 20th August). No entries on the night - we will allocate numbers in advance to those who register.

Meet: at 1900 at the end of Lauriston Road near the Common to get your number.

Warm up:  we will jog from Lauriston Road to reach the race finish (where you can drop off a bag), then we will follow the route in reverse to get to the start.

The route: The route is a point-to-point starting near the Windmill to the far end of Windmill Road, along a flat gravel surface.

Covid-19 precautions: The club recognises that the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing. These club rules are intended to protect the safety of participants and the general public, and to preserve a positive reputation for the running community and the Wimbledon Windmilers club. Members should not attend club sessions if they think they may have Covid-19 or have been exposed to it. Members who experience symptoms or test positive for Covid-19 within 10 days of having attended a club session should please inform our Covid-19 Coordinator, Anne Davies, at so that members can be notified if there has been a risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Toilets & bag drop: The toilets at the Wimbledon Windmill close at 18:00 and will therefore not be available for the event.  You will be able to leave small bags at the finish, which we jog through on our way to the start. Please arrive dressed ready to run.

ICE: We ask that you wear or carry emergency contact details.

Cancellations: log in via your email address at and go to ‘tickets’

Event-related questions and offers to help with marshalling or timekeeping to Claire Morgan on

Watch the video for the 2015 race on the Common here.


Mile on the Track instructions

If you haven't been before - the track is by the lake in Wimbledon Park.  There are gates to the park on Wiimbledon Park Road, Revelstoke Road, and Home Park Road, they should all be open. There are gates to the track itself at each side, both should be open.

A map locating Wimbledon Park track is here.

You can get there by tube (Wimbledon Park or Southfields). 

Schedule for the Mile on the Track (times approximate)

7-7.30 - registration and warm up.

7.30 - First race

7.45 - Second race

8.00 - Third race

After we have finished we will go to the Pig and Whistle pub.

Volunteering to help at either of these events counts towards the club's marathon ballot.