Training Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings: We meet at 7pm at the Belgrave Hall and start running at 7:15.
After a few announcements. Although there are different ability groups, you should be able to comfortably complete the social run without stopping before attending weekday sessions. These sessions are structured and include hill, speed and fartlek sessions. During the Winter evenings we run on the road, rather than on the Common, so please wear high visibility clothing. For distances see list at the bottom of this page.

Saturday Morning Track Session: A coached session takes place at Wimbledon Park Track at 9.30am on Saturday mornings (ends at 11:45am). The Club pays an annual subscription to fund all Windmilers' track fees. Our UK Athletics coaches are also available here to assist you with training and planning your own sessions.

Sunday Morning: We meet at the Wimbledon Common Windmill, Windmill Road at 10.00am for our formally coached sessions. You have the option of taking part in our 3 Miles Social Run which has plenty of stops for re-grouping with a qualified coach. Or if you prefer, you can take part in runs of 5-7 Miles with some stops. These either stay on the Common or may go into Richmond Park.

There is also a 9.30am run for more experienced runners wishing to take part in longer distances from 11 miles upwards. There's generally a good ability range and always a few marathon runners. Please note this is not a formally coached or supervised session, but all new runners are very welcome to join in.

Windmill Rd 800m reps
Rushmere pairs relay 350m reps
PROtraining: details under "TRAINING"

The Mounds x 3-6

Focus on hips
400m, 800m, 800m, 1200m
1200m, 800m, 800m, 400m, 200m rec

3 mile handicap race 2

Hill reps on the Common x 8-10
Gravelly Hill threshold run 2k x 2-3

Change of pace
800m x 10, 1 min rec

Wimbledon Park field 1km reps
Causeway, Westside paths 600m x 6-8

Broomfield Hill (Richmond Park) 8-9 miles
Hill reps on the Common x 6-8

Feedback on running form
600m x 5, 200m rec
300m x 5, 200m rec

Fartlek on the Common
Continuous run x 2 groups

Hills at Queensmere Pond x 6-8
Gravelly Hill reps x 4-6

Focus on arms
700m x 8; 1 min rec
200m x 4; 1 min rec

Windmill Road 600m x 10

Meet at Windmill.

300m x 12, 1 min rec 100m x 12, 1 min rec


Fartlek on the Common x 2 groups (continuous run)

1600m x 2, 800m x 2 400m x 2, 200m x 2, 1 min rec