August Edition of The Waffle

The August edition of The Waffle is now available to download from the Waffles page. You need to be logged on to access the online version of The Waffle.

Latest exciting edition of The Waffle (in full colour) available to download now!

For those of you who have indicated you want to receive the Waffle via download (or you just want a first sighting in colour), the May edition is available to download. For those of you who like to receive a hard copy it should arrive in the next week.


Waffle - the latest exciting edition of the Club magazine is now available

Waffles will be posted out to "Paid" members this week. If you have not paid then your Waffle will not be posted until you do so although you can download from this website in the meantime. Any questions: comms@windmilers.org.uk


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