Windmilers Race

5 x 5K Relay Provisional Results

Provisional results spreadsheet available as attachment.

The Windmile on the Track - 7.30pm Wednesday 1st October Wimbledon Park Athletics Track

This year's Windmile-on-the-Track takes place at 7:30pm on Wednesday (1st October) at Wimbledon Park. If you've done the Windmile-on-the-Common, you'll probably find that you can do the track mile about 15 to 30 seconds quicker. Prizes are available for all age categories, and there is no entry fee.

No Sunday 10am training from Windmill this week

Instead there are the 5 x 5K relays.

You can turn up and enter on the day (9.30am-9.45am outside Windmill)

This an informal social relay and all speeds are welcomed.

5 x 5K Club relay Sunday 28th September 9.30am-9.45am Registration

You can come along on the day - on the grass in front of the Windmill for registration

Windmilers Mabac on Tuesday August 7.30pm Wimbledon Rugby Club

This is the Windmiler-hosted leg of the Mabac cross country league.

Arrive by 7pm to register for the race (start 7.30pm).

All welcome - 5 miles (2 laps) or 2.5 miles (1 lap for juniors/joggers/walkers).

WE STILL NEED MARSHALS - please email if you can help

No training on the night.

3 mile handicap Tues. 24th June - start time changed

Due to a little tournament over in Brazil and the small matter of England's final group game at 5pm, the start of this race will be delayed to 7.30pm. Please register by this time.



Windmile on the Common - Thursday 5th June 6.50pm Rugby Club

On Thursday 5th  June we will hold the Windmile on the Common instead of usual training.  This is a flat mile on a trail, in a straight(ish) line, and everyone is welcome to have a go!  We will need about 6 volunteers - if you can help, please e-mail beforehand. This race is suitable for EVERY speed of runner :-)

3 Mile Handicap Series

Results for the April 3 Mile Handicap are here

Next race, staggered start is on 27th May

Club Championships - Results

The results from this Sundays race - click Read More and attachment is below.

Many thanks to David and all the helpers and well done to all the runners.

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