Welcome to the race results area of the website. Here you can view the list of races that Windmilers have competed in by looking at the Race List section. The Race Reports section shows you races where a Windmiler has written a short report on that specific race. In the Race Times section you can see which Windmilers have run the fastest times at specific distances in given years, or the fastest Windmilers at a given distance overall. The Runner List section allows you to search for individuals. These sections can also be accessed from the Results menu at the top of the page.

As a member of the Windmilers you can also create a new Race Report and add results for yourself and other Windmilers. You can also add more results to race reports that have already been created by viewing an individual race report and clicking the Edit button.

A list of results for races you have competed in is available on the Results tab of your user account. If you have added your date of birth to your user account then the results here will also display an age-graded result for certain race distances. This can be used to gauge your performance against other runners of different ages. You can click on the age grade for results that belong to you for an explanation of how this is calculated. Your personal best times and seasons best time for a given distance is also shown here.