Wimbledon Windmilers Running Club is one of London's bigger running clubs and we think it's the most friendly and welcoming, with about 600 members of all ages and a wide range of abilities. Read more

Open Event - Autumn Quarter Marathon 21st September 2019

The Quarter Marathon is our main open event of the year. Full details are on our QM website , Facebook page and details of how to enter are here. It was a great event last year when we ran it last year with so much positive feedback.

Does the fine weather make you think about running? Try the Windmilers!

Whether you're training for a full marathon, or a 10k, or fancy trying running to get fit, whether you're fast or slow, why not try one or two sessions with the Windmilers?  Why not come along on a Sunday morning to Wimbledon Common Windmill (at 10 am). when we split into groups that run 3, 5 or 7 miles, and see whether you enjoy it?  Have a look at our facebook page and our instagram account too!

Any questions?  contact enquiry@windmilers.org.uk

Waffle May 2019

This World record edition of the Waffle includes the latest stories about Windmilers including London Marathon achievements, meet a member(s), Cross country reports and so much more. It would be a shame to miss it.

A big thanks to Sally for putting this all together. You can pick up a printed copy from the Mob match on Saturday 25th May.

Surrey Road League 2019

The Surrey Road League events are all confirmed. These are popular and well organised events which represent excellent value for money and many offer great PB potential on fast courses. A good number of Windmilers participate each year. As well as being great individual events there are team scores with the first 4 men, and the first 3 women to score for the club. There are age category prizes across the league fixtures too.

Windmiler Wisdom - Running and training for a Marathon

Running a marathon can be a daunting task and completing one is a major achievement.  For the newcomer it can seem overwhelming; it seems a huge task with many pitfalls.  Thankfully there is a lot of guidance out there, hundreds of internet pages, videos and books.

But our club mates are also packed with wisdom, between them a few centuries of running experience; often the wisdom we seek is standing or jogging right next to us.  So it is worth asking other Windmilers for advice. Here are some marathon tips from fellow Windmilers.

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