Membership - 2015

Following the AGM on the 6th of January, the annual 2015 subscription rates follow.

£43.00 Individual                                    (£31 Windmilers, plus £12 England Athletics)
£62.50 Family*                                       (£50.50 Windmilers, plus £12 England Athletics for the primary member)
£27.50 Discounted Individual**              (£15.50 Windmilers, plus £12 England Athletics)


We try and keep the Wimbledon Windmilers accessible to as many as possible, and the membership rates have increased this year for two key reasons.

England Athletics affiliation has increased by £2 per year to £12.

The increased variety of sessions offered by the Windmilers for members, (now including Cycling and Swimming sessions, and free use of the athletics track on Saturday Mornings), has led to an increase in costs of venue hire, and a need to train up more coaches.


After the 1st of April we will start processing the England Athletics renewals for those who have included EA in their membership, as well as setting up new joiners with England Athletics membership.

We will also start the process of removing non-renewers from the mailing lists (there is still time to renew!)

The membership cards will still be handed out at club sessions wherever possible, so let us know if you want yours posted out sooner on

We have a few membership payments which we've not been able to match to forms received - if you've paid or renewed, but not heard from us - do email, or speak to a club coach.

We think membership is great value -  an individual membership for a whole year is the same price (more or less) as:

Three CDs

Two DVDs

4 and a half packs of cigarettes

10 Pints of lager

10% of an Apple Watch

2 weeks of a gym membership

1/3 of a pair of trainers

1/322nd of a Ford Fiesta