Membership News

Let Dave and Lisa know if you have any queries on your membership status, England Athletics or new membership queries.

We also manage the distribution lists, so let us know if you think you are missing out on general emails, or those relating to multisport.

If you need your EA number when entering a race, or claiming discounts, you can find this by logging into the site, and clicking on "My Account" on the top left hand side. If it isn't there - let us know!


Right. If we didn't see you,

Right. If we didn't see you, your card has now been posted out. Sorry for the delay if you were waiting, and let us know if you still don't have one by the weekend. My handwriting is pretty rubbish, and the process far from infallible.

You can still renew by logging in and following the instructions, and join by going to the membership link above and sending us the form.

See you soon!