Windmilers 5 x 5K Relays Sunday 29th Sept. 10am (race start) Wimbledon Common

All participants should register outside the Windmill Cafe between 9.30am and 9.45 am.

For full instructions and provisional TEAMS click Read More.

Social will take place at Hemingways Bar in Wimbledon Village afterwards.

NOTE: the normal Sunday club runs (e.g. 10am Social run) will NOT take place

You can still enter - email

We look forward to seeing you all (100+ so far) on Sunday. There may be isues with carparking - please share cars, park off the Common, walk or bike if you can.

Post-race Social in Hemingways Bar, 57 High Street, Wimbledon Village from 12.30pm after the race. A £5 per pizza deal (normally £7 or £8) is being offerred to Windmilers. All welcome.

Race instructions: please take the time to open the attachment at the bottom of this story.

Provisional teams for the day: (note that the running order is for each team to decide on the day)

1. Nathan Andrew, Bruce Chessell, Dave Waterson, Pauline  Farrow, Susan May
2. Nigel Dawson, James Hawker, Andreas Bartels, Christina Bartels,  Odile Hounkpatin
3. Hugh Arthur, David Wood, Dave Ford, Derrick Randall, Ann Mortlock
4. Nick McKay, Julia Yerbury, Julian Mellors, Alan Greene, Jenny Evanson
5. Nick Wood, Anne Davies, Sue Bunn, Deborah Hawkes, Jackie Kennedy
6. James Constable, Mike Banfi, Michaela  Lewis, Terresa Sherpard, Beverley Docherty
7. Luke Horsfield, Jo Thompson, Andrea  Brookes, Anne  Walker, Keith Lines
8. Mark Rabbetts, Mathew  Bray, Patricia Peever, Vicky Cornish, Kevin Dendy
9. Stephen  Hurley, Berdadette  Maher, Roger Clarke, Karen Crewe, Neil Smith
10. Lewis Halsey, Nick Lamb, Sarah Powell, Mary McDougall, Sally Jones
11. Simon Newton, Bronwyn Mayo, Claire Morgan, Colin  Mutimer, David Walker
12. Seb Vons, Rachel Gower, Kyle Carter, John Sabourin, Pauline Hawkes
13. Polly Rogers, Leslie Haines, Nick Rogers, Sandra Fidalgo, Alison Campbell
14. Steve McCann, Charles Leonard, Isabel Gwyther, Jenny Shaw, Alison Russell
15. Claire Mullenger, Colin  Harris, Frank Carter, Gordon  McLaurin, Sue Fisher
16. Craig Nicol, Noelle Simmons, Debbie Hipps, Diane  Carter, Sarah Coates
17. Michael Daniels, Clive SCAMMELL, Peter Strong, Laura Tusney, Sally Lines
18. Paul Chadwick, Abigail Johnson, Caroline  Ferrari, Naomi  Page, Sarah  Bell
19. Julie Burgess, Simon Turner, Lisa Wood, Jamie Livermore, Carol Winter
20. Gerald Ssali, Tamsin Snow, Anas Hassan, Andrea  Barath, Omar Zhuberi
21. James Grant, Sophie McKay, Paul Boross, John Ryan, Emma Ponsonby

Any questions:

Happy Relays!