Windmilers for the Olympic Torch Relay

Have you heard about the Olympic torch relay?
Have you thought about nominating someone as a torch bearer?
We would like to encourage members to nominate inspiring Windmilers for the Olympic Torch Relay. 
Success in the selection process doesn't depend on how many nominations a person gets; the quality of a 150-word write up about the person is very important.  We've realised that there's a potential problem: where someone has been nominated several times, one write-up is picked out at random to go through to final selection - if it's too brief a deserving person might miss out because their story hasn't been told well.
The club wants to get round this potential problem by offering to help put in good quality nominations - if you tell us who you want to nominate & why, plus their contact details, Simon the Secretary ( & Claire the Chair ( will put together the write-ups and submit them.  You can nominate as many people as you like. 
Please e-mail us by Thursday 23 June (to give us a chance to meet the London 2012 deadline!).
Claire the Chair.