Park Land Relays

It is that time again when we organise the park land relays which are being held in Richmond park on the 22nd May at 7pm.

This is a three mile relay race. The womens team consists of four runners and the mens team consists of 6 runners.

If interested in running this race please contact the ladies and Men captain. Deadline for entries is 30th April.

Below is a map of the course


Thank you to you all for the

Thank you to you all for the enthusiastic responce. Entries close on Thursday (5pm) as Friday is your Captain's Birthday (pub in New Malden if interested).

We are in danger of overtaking the ladies in terms of entries with 22 as at Monday. I will be chasing people at the 3 mile handicap - a couple more always helps!

Preliminary teams will be published in a seperate note.

The Men's teams consist of four people. Typically we manage to get out several teams and historically have done well in the Vet's competition. Given the strong finish in the Surrey league we should be ambitious and hope that our senior team can also be competitive.

Names provided so far are:

Graham Bell
David Ford
Gordon Berry
Nigel Porter
James Mummery
Michael Daniels (injured)V40
Colin Harris V50
Simon Newton
John Carter V60
Matthew Nutt
Sebastian Jones
Mark Rabetts V40
Keith MacIntosh
Gerard O'Callaghan
Emlyn Christie (to confirm)
Anthony Eastway
James Constable
Craig Nicol (v40)
Usuf Islam
Paul Lee
Bruce Chessell
Neil Guthrie (V40)
Julian Mellors
Mike Forder

Please remember to share your age group and an estimation of your time for 3 miles. If in doubt the 3 mile handicap at the end of April would be a good calibration.

I will be out canvassing again at the 3 mile handicap, though it does look as if we have the core of a strong team, and a very competitive V50 team. A couple more V40's would be welcomed.

Entries go in on Saturday the 4th of May.

Please email me if name / age / or indeed expression of interest is incorrect.


Hi Mike, I'm on for it - 60+

Hi Mike, I'm on for it - 60+ , approx. 22mins


Mike Forder

Mike - A few of those men are

Mike - A few of those men are actually vets e.g. Paul Lee (sorry for outing you, Paul!).
You might want to send an email to people asking them to clarify. Don't think they would all read notes on the forum.
Also, I'm now a bit speedier than I thought when I entered the race. Should be close to low 18s for the 3 mile handicap by time of the race if it makes any difference.

The Men's teams have now

The Men's teams have now reached 8 in total - a record for the club.

Some background for those of you busy training. The winning Men's teams times implies around 15:30 per leg (the course being hilly but short). The Windmilers club record (set last year) is 15:23, Matt Nutt. Second remains the club's all time highest placing.

For the Vet's around 18:30 is required per leg - well within our capabilities. We currently have the defending fastest Vet Leg (15:54) and have won this previously. A return to form would be good.

Super Vets we normally win by default as we are the only Super Vets team. However this year there are two - and some scope for other clubs to join us. As defending Champions we should do well.

I am chasing the following to see if they are going to run - help requested please, are they injured busy or not interested?

Pete Mccloskey

Nick McKay
Nick Wood

Chris Coles

History of Men's Team

History of Men's Team Results
2003 1:06:55
2005 1:05:56 Club Record, 2nd Overall
2006 1:07:28
2007 1:06:50
2008 1:08:12
2009 1:10:32
2010 1:15:37
2011 1:16:30
2012 1:06:45

News just in. Super Vet's

News just in.

Super Vet's teams are encouraged to run in 3's. This means Windmilers are entering two Super Vet teams so I can see a competitive challenge emerging.

Saftey warning - Park Gates will close at 8:30pm so those thinking of driving will need to be away promptly and should probably avoid the last leg. I would encourage all to ride bicycles where possible - this may be a chance for the secret duathelete in you to emerge! [and a further moment of sharing, your captain is delighted to announce his new wheels have arrived, first time with Royce hubs for the enthusiasts out there]

Hi Mike, Just spotted this. I

Hi Mike,

Just spotted this. I had assumed you had added me as you asked me 3 times....although as they were all in the pub perhaps that explains it! ;) Please add me

Hi Patricia, I'm signed up to

Hi Patricia, I'm signed up to this but cannot make it-apologies

Is anyone driving from Raynes

Is anyone driving from Raynes Park or Wimbledon? If so, is it possible to get a lift? Otherwise it may be difficult to get there on time.