Women's Team

Team Captains: Chiara Samele and Ella Waddingham

Contact: ladiescaptain@windmilers.org.uk

The Women's Team competes in various events throughout the year, on a team as well as individual basis. In the summer months, races tend to be predominantly road based with our main focus being on the Surrey Road League with a selection of local races ranging from 5k to half marathon distance. In the winter months, we swap road for trail and battle it out with other participating clubs throughout the cross country season.
If you would like to be added to our distribution list for information & advance notice of upcoming races, please drop us an email at: ladiescaptain@windmilers.org.uk
Parkland relays
Wednesday 12th June 7pm
Surrey Road League Races
Richmond Half Marathon  Sunday 5th May   https://ranelagh-half-marathon.co.uk/

Sutton 10km  Sunday 19th May    http://www.suttonrunners.org/sutton_10km/

Dorking 10 miles  Sunday 2nd June    https://www.dorkingandmolevalleyac.org/dorkingtens

Richmond 10km Sunday 16th June    https://ranelagh-10k.co.uk/

Elmbridge 10km  Sunday 21st July    http://www.err.club/pages/2-10K.html

Wimbledon 5km  Sunday 11th August   https://www.herculeswimbledonac.org.uk/

Surrey Road Relays
Wimbledon Park Track Saturday 14th September