Windmiler Membership Renewal for 2013 - Online Renewal available from 1st Jan. 2013

Windmiler membership renewal is due from 1st Jan. 2013 and for most classes of membership you can now renew online (FROM 1st JAN. ONLY). If your membership situation is not available online or you have any further questions, please contact:








Dear Windmiler,
Following the Christmas festivities, we're sure you are thinking about your new year running plans and how the Windmilers can help you with these?

Also, new year, new Windmiler membership - yes it's renewal time and we're very pleased to say that we now have online renewal and payment available via the website. This is via Sage Pay and so all your details will be in safe hands. You can pay with most types of credit or debit cards.
When we tick over into Jan. 1st your membership status will move onto Pending Renewal status. When you login to the website from this date you will see a banner at the top of the page - click on this it will take you to the online renewal and we hop it is self-explanatory from there. Your membership card for 2013 will be sent out by post shortly after. A big thanks is due to Emlyn Christie for all his efforts setting this up.

Online membership should cover the major classes of membership and cater for some changes BUT, if it does not fit your particular situation or you have any other questions, please contact:

We hope you will choose to continue being a Windmiler member in 2013 and we wish you a happy running year!

Best wishes,

Dave and Lisa Wood
Membership Secretaries
Wimbledon Windmilers


Hi, I made a FP payment in

Hi, I made a FP payment in early December but I am still being asked to renew?

It takes up to 2 weeks for us

It takes up to 2 weeks for us to get the update from the bank telling us who's paid, and then we update the membership database.

I'm afraid also, there has been a problem with the email list, sending out emails telling people to renew when they already have. Very sorry about that - we're looking into it!