Race Results - Updates

We've made a number of changes to the race results part of the web site over the last few weeks. Click the 'Read more' link to find out what's new if you haven't discovered the new features for yourself yet.



The Results tab on your user account page now has three sections. The summary page tells you how many race results we have stored for you and it also tells you the time range these results span. It gives you a break down of the number of times you've raced at a particular distance. If we have a date of birth stored for you, the summary page will also tell you which race you achieved your highest age graded performance in.


The Results tab will still show you the races that you've raced in. And you can still filter these by race distance.


The Graphs tab lets you see all of your results at a chosen race distance in bar chart. Your best performances at that race distance are highlighted in yellow. These graphs will now work on the iPhone or iPad. And you can now also graph the race results of other members.


Views that show individual members on them will now show the membership status of each person. The key showing what the colours mean is show at the bottom of these pages. So you can now see at a glance if each person is a fully paid up member or not.




The Race Times view that shows the fastest times for a given race distance ran by members, now lets you filter the view by gender as well as race distance and year. So you can now easily see the fastest men and fastest women at each distance.



We hope you find these new improvements useful!