John Wells - update 16th July

John has now left hospital and is at home - we wish him well with his rehabilitation.

John is in good spirits and on relatively good form. He is progressing quite well but is still at the relatively early stages after a serious stroke. His speech is very good considering.

The Windmilers hope that John progresses and recovers well and that we see him back out on the Common in the not too distant future.

Basically the medics are trying to stabilise the reasons behind the stroke before the rehabilitation (speech, physiotherapy, walking) starts in earnest. So it seems it might be a little while before he leaves hospital?

John has his laptop and is able to update his facebook page (see below) in 4 languages (!) and receive emails. Please feel free to wish John well via Facebook or email.

John would welcome visitors although we should be aware not to tire him out. You can check details via John or email for Hospital/Ward details. 

Original message:

Unfortunately, John Wells (one of our most longstanding members and the person responsible for our first website) has had a stroke over the last few days and is in hospital recovering. We have heard that he has been able to take calls and speak to visitors (although if you do visit please be aware that he may tire quickly). The Windmilers wish John a full and speedy recovery. When we know more we will update you with this information but you can wish John well via his facebook page:!/john.wells.5059601