England Athletics Licenses 2012

Hi everyone,

I have had several enquiries about EA licenses and just wanted to drop you all a note to update you.

For the bulk of our members their England Athletics Licenses are renewed in April of each year (and run slightly differently to the membership which runs January to December). There will always be an overlap and time delay between the two because of the different financial year ends that England Athletics and the Windmilers have.

I have today submitted the annual licenses for about ⅔ of memberships (all remaining new members will be processed at the time they are received).

Once the invoice is paid you should start to see the card licenses arrive in the post within 4-6 weeks (that is an EA timeline given to us). Even if you do not have an updated card you can still use your URN (Unique Reference Number) which does not change from year to year to enter races at a discount. When you renewed or opened a membership your URN was on the e-mail you will have received with your website login details. If you need me to resend this please let me know?

If you have any questions or need any help then please drop me an e-mail membership@windmilers.org.uk