Are You Interested In Coaching?

 As a club we are always looking for new coaches. We all know the excellent work the coaches do within the club, many times forgoing their own training to to assist members at sessions.

Are you interested in becoming a new coach?

Or perhaps you are already a coach who would like to progress within the coaching structure?

Or even a qualified coach who would like to return to coaching?

As a club we are committed to encouraging new coaches and existing coaches progressing through the coaching ladder.

The club is willing to pay for courses attended, this is on the proviso that the new coach is added to the coaching rota.

This would usually entail around 5+ sessions over a three month coaching period.


Details of the UK Athletics coaching structure can be found at

There are two courses that would be recommended to anyone wanting to start coaching. They are as follows.

Leadership in Running Fitness

This is equivalent to the old Level 1 course.

The course is aimed at anyone with an interest in running for fitness who would like to lead a group. It is a 1 day attendance only course.


The course is designed to prepare you as a Leader to provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for people over 18 years of age of any level of ability, age, size and shape. As a Leader you may set up your own group and register with the Run In England network, be a member of an Athletics Club or Fitness or other sports club.

The course will focus on the safe organization of running activity and how to lead a group of inexperienced runners. You will be asked to consider some of the barriers that may prevent people from taking up running and think about what you could do as a leader to make a difference. This will include making sure that you understand the reason for and the purpose of both a warm up and a cool down. You will also learn about the different sorts of running activities that can make running varied and enjoyable. The course covers the core skills of Instruction and Explanation, Demonstration and Risk Assessment.

Your qualification as a Leader in Running Fitness will provide you with insurance to lead a group within the limits of the course content. However, it is important to note that this course is not about coaching runners or running and should you wish to coach runners then you will need to attend a coaching specific coach education course.


Cost £90


Coaching Assistant

This is equivalent to the old Level 1/2 course

This is a 2 day course

The two-day attendance only programme will normally be delivered over the course of one weekend and has been designed to cover the early stages of the athlete development pathway and is the first step for those that are committed to being a coach.

The Coaching Assistant Award will work with standard athletics equipment and support an Athletics Coach in the delivery of athletics sessions.

Coaching Assistants may be working between Fundamentals and Event Group Development stages. Prior to attending the course candidates are expected to complete pre-course study via uCoach, completion of an induction pack, familiarisation with task cards and session plan templates, home study packs and pre-course reading.

The Coaching Assistant will operate from task cards and session plans provided by the Supervising Coach and they will be insured to assist in the delivery of all aspects of an outcome focussed session whilst being supervised by a Coach.

The Supervising Coach must be at the same venue as the Coaching Assistant or if absent, another Supervising Coach must be at the venue.

A Coaching Assistant will be able to assist a Coach in the delivery of sessions within that coach’s area of expertise.

The Coaching Assistant Award becomes more technical and includes information on movement and mechanical principles underpinning run jump throw activities; once qualified Coaching Assistants will be able to operate in a club environment supporting a Supervising Coach.

Cost £175

All coaching qualifications will require a CRB check. Which will need to be signed by a club official before it is sent off.

A full list of courses can be found on the England Athletics Website under Coaching


If you are interested in becoming a coach and coaching with the club. Or would like any further in information then please contact


Steve Dickinson