Wednesday night cycle sessions

This Wednesday we commence the midweek cycling sessions.  These sessions start at the Pen Ponds car park in the centre of Richmond Park (  For for the first few sessions they will commence at 7pm with the start moving back to 7:15 in May as the days get longer.  It is recommended riders bring lights with them as, particularly earlier in the season, the sessions may finish close to sunset.

These sessions are open to everyone with a bike.  It doesn't matter what sort of bike you have - an MTB, hybrid etc, you are all welcome.
The purpose of these sessions is to provide everyone with an opportunity to get out on the bike midweek, receive some focused cycle specific coaching and train with others.  Throughout the season we want to focus on a few of, what we see as, the important aspects of riding, training on and racing a bike.  So throughout the season we will focus on specific elements of bike riding, including:
  1. bike handling - both alone and in a group;
  2. pedalling efficiency - with an aim to develop cadence and, what the French call, souplesse;
  3. Hill climbing;
  4. Interval training and speed development;
  5. General skills development;
  6. Triathlon specific skills such as brick training (i.e. running off the bike) and transition training.
Depending upon numbers the plan is to offer 2 options each session; an in the park session and, for the faster riders, a quick 90min chaingang out along the river to Chertsey and back.  Details of these sessions will be posted on the club site in the same way the club publishes the running sessions.
Cycling can be very weather dependant.  Nobody wants to train in the pouring rain.  During the season, it is possible that sessions may be curtailed, amended or abandoned altogether in bad weather.  If in doubt, consult the Windmilers website or contact either Nick Wood or Mike Short to confirm a session is going ahead.
Safety Issues
The Wednesday evening sessions are coached sessions.  Notwithstanding this, the coaches can only go so far to protect your safety.  Cycling carries a greater risk of injury than running.  The sessions are conducted on open and busy roads. The sessions will involve riders travelling at speed and so collisions with vehicles, other cyclists, pedestrians and animals are possible - as is simply falling off!  All riders attend the sessions at their own risk. 
Coaches will insist that all riders attending the session do so with a properly fitting helmet and on a bike that meets reasonable safety standards.  Coaches will to stop or alter any session if, in their opinion, safety of an individual or the group as a whole is compromised.
Lastly, it is strongly recommended that every rider has adequate insurance to cover themselves.  Insurance can be obtained from many sources including British Cycling, BTF, and CTC.
More information
If you require any further information or advice, you can contact the following:
Mike Short -
Nick Wood -