Windmiler Olympic Event - please take part in poll

We would like to put on an event (or events) for club members in 2012 to help celebrate the London Olympics. We want to put on something you would like to do though – so please take part in the website  poll on the website front page to give us your opinion. For further details of each event, click Read more

The event(s) would take place in the late Spring/Summer and would combine both fun and physical exercise doing something a bit different from the usual runs. All the events will be team based.

You can link to the poll here: but further details for each proposed event are given below:

You can vote for 1 option only and please only vote one time.

1)      Wimbledon Common Adventure event           

A team event in part harking back to the origins of the Olympic Games, in which multiple skills are tested. Besides speed and strength, events testing inventiveness, knowledge and practical abilities would be given equal recognition. The winning team being the one scoring the most combined score.

2)      Olympic Relay                                                

A spin on the 5 x 5K relays we have held in the past with an Olympic twist (e.g. torch relay, 2012 meter legs). We will arrange people into teams.

3)      Treasure Hunt                                                 

Some time ago we held Orienteering/Treasure Hunt events whereby runners in teams went out to solve cryptic clues with a map of the Common in hand. This event would be similar although we may choose to have a central base with team members running out and back to the clues – hence there will always be a strong social hub at the base.

4)      Mini-Olympics                                                

A team event involving some running but also the opportunity to take part in various other Olympic-type events. We haven’t decided exactly what to involve but the following are or have been Olympic events that we may use: archery, tennis, rugby, football, chariot racing (?), discus, softball, croquet, badminton, tug of war.

Please participate so that we can put on events that you most want to do!!!