Features on the Windmilers Website

We've redesigned the Windmilers website to make it easier to find information and keep up-to-date on the latest Windmilers news. You can now subscribe to the news stories that get posted to the front page with an RSS feed. News stories and training session details get posted to the Windmilers Twitter page. And you can also get news and training session details by joining our Facebook group. You can also manage your subscription to the Windmilers email Newsletter directly from the 'My account' section of the website. Click the 'Read more' button to find out more on these features.

Front Page News Feed

Most modern web browsers support something called RSS feeds. On the front page of the Windmilers web site you'll see this icon:




appear in your browsers address bar. Click on this icon to subscribe to the front page news feed. You will now be able to keep up-to-date with Windmilers news just by checking the news feed. The direct link to the feed is here.


Do you use Twitter? Then follow the Windmilers on Twitter. Our Twitter page is at http://twitter.com/windmilers. Here you can see the titles of any news stories that get posted to the front page of the Windmilers web site. Also we'll post details of the days training session to our twitter page. So you'll have no excuse not knowing what the days training session is or where it is!


Got a Smartphone?

If you have an iPhone or Android based mobile phone then sign up for a Twitter account, follow @windmilers and get hold of a Twitter app for your phone. Now you can check out what the days training session is and the latest Windmilers news directly from your phone.




Is Facebook More Your Thing?



Facebook fans aren't left out in the cold either. Join the Windmilers Facebook group and you'll see the same training session information and news story links posted to the wall of the Windmilers group.






Email Newsletter

If you login to the website you can manage your subscription to the Windmilers email newsletter by going to the 'My account' section. Click 'Edit' and go to the 'Newsletter Subscriptions' section.






Don't forget to save your changes.


I hope you find these great new ways of keeping in-touch with the Windmilers useful!


I'd like to know why my

I'd like to know why my website (osteopathy and sports injuries) was removed from the WW website when the latter was re-organised. Last time it took ten months of continual asking for my website to be put up before it was done.

Renuka de Lima

Where are the updates for the

Where are the updates for the latest 26/June 3 mile handicap?