Re-launch of Wimbledon Windmilers Website

The website has been re-launched with a number of improvements and some new features

We have re-launched the Windmilers Website to modernise the design and to incorporate some new features.  We hope that you all like the new website.  If you have any comments about this website then you can post your comments at the bottom of this new article, this is one of the new features.

Here are some of the new features included in the website.

  • New design A – This has been redesigned to give the website a fresher feel and to make it more visually attractive.

  • Home page icon  - replaced by the Windmill logo to always take you back to the home page.

  • Login more prominent – If you had a login to the old website you will be able to login to the new website with the same password. If you can't remember your password you will need to use the 'Request new password' on the front page. This will send a password reset email to the email address we have you registered with. If that email address isn't valid anymore then you will need to use the 'Contact Us' link as the bottom of the page to leave us a message and we'll update your account with a current email address.

  • New logged in features.  There are some features that are available when you have logged in.  Included in these are the forum and the photo albums.  In the future we will add a shop to allow you buy your membership online and to purchase tickets for social events.

  • Recently updated pages – This is a great new feature to show which pages have been updated recently.  You just need to click on the link to get to the page.

  • Latest Results – This is a list of the latest race results.  We hope to incorporate this into the main website in the near future.

  • Training Sessions – this a new feature showing the training schedule in summary for the next 7 days, no excuse now for not knowing the training is going to be.

  • Upcoming club races – This is new feature showing which races happening.  This is for the races that the club organises such as the club 10k and the ones where the club takes part, such as the MABAC races and the Cross Country.

  • Windmilers on… - this is the links to the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. (more on these soon)

  • News articles – the news articles, like this one, are now more accessible and easier to read.  Also we have created categories for these so that you can track only those types of articles that you are interested in, such as Social events.


I would like to thank

Emlyn Christie for building and designing the new website. Personally I think it is a great new look and I know he is has put in lot of time and effort into this.

Jeff Hoadley for getting us organised into making the change, for managing the team and ensuring that we have all been clear about what we need to do.

Please comment on this news article by clicking on the reply button and let us know what you think.


Ralph Gilbert



Just wanted to say i very

Just wanted to say i very much like the newly re-vamped website.I definately think it is much easier to navigate...

I think this is wonderful and

I think this is wonderful and I know that alot of hard work has gone into planning, designing and moving the site to a new system. Great news!

Looks great! Well done guys,

Looks great! Well done guys, much more modern and very easy to use!