Keswick Mountain Festival 50km

Race Date: Sunday, 12/09/2021
Race Distance: 50 Km

Back in the mists of time, before the pandemic, when I had unexpectedly got a place in the Lakeland 50 miler in their first ballot, it seemed like a good idea to enter a hilly 50km as a training race. Both were postponed to 2021 - then the 50 km was postponed again from May to September. By now I had the Lakeland 50 behind me as a DNF (too hot), had done no further training, and reread the race description with more care and some concern - 1995 m ascent - “very hard” - UTMB points - what had I entered? The answer was a tour of the fells - helicopters circling from Tom Cruise’s latest film set - utterly beautiful and remote scenery - a kestrel flying past at eye level - and a battle not to be last. Information about the checkpoints was scanty, except that there were cut-offs at the second and the third - the second was easy, the third was - where? The miles and the cut off time passed, I relaxed, looked forward to the bus, finally there it was... “no the computer says you’re fine - yes you are the tail end.” A few baby potatoes fuelled a sort of second wind - which had to last an awfully long time. Caught the other 7 or 8 back up and played tag for a few miles until I made a break for it (and spent the rest of the race trying not to look over my shoulder). Recommended if you’d like a tour of the Lake District in daylight.