Committee meeting minutes 19th January 2021

Wimbledon Windmilers Management Committee Minutes

Date:  Tuesday 15 June 2021

Start time: 20.00

Finish time: 21:55

Venue: Virtual meeting (Zoom)



  • John Sabourin (JS) President
  • Keith MacIntosh (KM) Chair
  • Anne Davies (AD) Secretary
  • Gavin Mclaughlan (GM) Treasurer
  • James Hamilton (JHa) Men’s Team Captain
  • Ella Waddingham (EW) Women’s Team Captain
  • Chiara Samele (CS) Women’s Team Captain
  • Amy Prescott (AP) Social
  • Claire Morgan (CM) Membership Rep
  • Kate Dancer (KD) Membership Rep
  • Colin Harris (CH) Events Rep
  • Andrew Black (AB), Coaching Rep
  • Hannah Carr (HC) Comms Rep
  • Andrew Jones (AJ) Multi-sport Rep
  • Jo Burge (JB) General Member
  • Lorna Young
  • Richard Cohen



  • Kate Carter (KC) Comms Rep
  • James Hamilton (JHa) Men’s Team Captain



  1. Apologies, welcome, intro (KM)
  2. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted (AD)
  3. Welfare – diversity & inclusion update; welfare framework (JS, LY, RC)
    1. LY reviewed the Run & talk activities held in May. An online group discussion was held on 11th May with a speaker from MIND. Run & Talk runs & walks on 23 May  – with thanks to the coaches and Mental Health Champions. The club subsequently made a donation of £150 to MIND Kingston.
    2. LY summarised EA training attended in relation to the club’s welfare framework.
    3. ACTION: LY to prepare a newsletter paragraph to increase member awareness of the Welfare function of the club, communicating that welfare is for everyone.
    4. LY reviewed the main changes being made to the Disciplinary policy and Diversity & Inclusion policy
    5. LY & RC provided an update on the proposal to form a diversity & inclusion working group.
    6. ACTION: AD to circulate the Disciplinary and Diversity & Inclusion policies.
  4. Constitution update; approval of Health & Safety policy (AD)
    1. AD summarised the status of the constitution update. The committee is invited to contribute suggestions or questions at any time (to
    2. ACTION: AD to circulate the most recent EA template constitution, available at
    3. The Health and Safety policy was approved
  5. 21:02 Financial update (GM)
    1. With the ongoing pandemic restrictions, expenditure remains low. The club anticipates that spending towards Belgrave Hall and Wimbledon Athletics track will resume within the year. There may also be some coaching training costs.
  6. Membership update (CM, KD)
    1. There have been approximately 50 new members and about 320 renewals, plus some lapsed members re-joining.
    2. ACTION: CM/KD to forward the new member welcome message to HC, to use as the basis of a social media welcome for new members, plus related messaging in the public Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts
  7. Coaching and Multisport update (AB/NU/AJ)
    1. AB summarised the ongoing success of the run training sessions under the pandemic restrictions. For structured sessions the advance registration is not an obvious barrier but for social runs it appears to put people off.
    2. ACTION: KC/HC to write another reminder in the newsletter for members to cancel if they cannot attend a session, and that it is worth looking for spaces on the day.
    3. AJ gave an update on the resumption of multisport activities and future plans.
  8. Review of calendar, including social events (CH, Team captains, AP)
    1. CS reported that the Quarter Marathon will not take place this year.
    2. CH confirmed that the 3-mile handicap will take place in June under the same restricted format as in May.
    3. CH reported that the Windmiler-hosted MABAC is booked for 3rd August at the Rugby club.
    4. CH reported that The Windmile on the common will not take place at the end of June but could take place in July or August
    5. The multisport team are planning to invite Windmilers to an open water swim event organised by Surrey Outdoor Learning & Development (SOLD) at Ham Lake.
    6. KM reported that the annual WPCC September event will need volunteers for carpark marshalling
    7. AP reported that a social event at the track is under investigation for late summer
    8. ACTON AP to put out a call to members for someone willing to organise a summer social event
  9. Comms updates, including website (HC, KC)
    1. No comms updates.



Next committee meeting: Tuesday 24th August 2021 (to be confirmed)