RunThrough Crystal Palace 5k

Race Date: Sunday, 09/05/2021
Race Distance: 5 Km

Most runners were brave enough to run the 10K or Half; we weren’t! Lovely day in a packed park, but plenty of room for us runners. Some nice up hills, down hills of course, plenty of flat. Mixed terrain. I like the course, just prefer to be fitter when running it! Had a bit of an experience returning to our car. A car pulled up along side us with the windows wound down and music blaring. The lad driving was on his own, bopping away in the driver’s seat and asking us if we wanted to dance. He had to move on as other cars approached. He then circled around the inner road at Crystal Palace, and we heard him approaching again by the music. Obviously needs the calming influence of a good lady; but Francesca was volunteering at Junior Parkrun! Was great to see John Carter though; he ran the Half. Got to say a quick hello whilst we were both running, watched him finish and had a lovely chat walking to the car park afterwards before I went back to see Lynn finish. Whatever John’s recovery strategy is, it work’s great, as he had more in common to a bubbly teenager than somebody who’d run a hard Half, when he pulled up to us in his car.