The three mile handicap back!

We are back for this year's series of races.

What: The classic Windmiler 3 mile handicap series that occurs every month over the summer months

Who: This event is for members only

When: The final two events of the series are on 27th July and 31st August

Where: Meet at the Windmill cafe

Time: 18:45 number collection for a 19:00 start

Event briefing

  1. Link to sign up for 27th July:
  2. Although government restrictions have been released, we are still taking appropriate Covid-19 precautions. The start location and route are different from the traditional 3-mile handicap event.
  3. Please meet at the windmill by 18:45 to collect your numbers. Runners' numbers and registration sheets will be in the area outside the Windmill Café. The numbers will be spread out in sets of 10. Hand sanitiser will be available.
  4. Runners who have completed a race in the series so far this year should first find their name on the registration sheets taped to the café windows.  These are in speed order, with the slower runners to the left.  They should tick their name.
  5. Those who have not run before should report to Jenny who will allocate them a race number. She will also ask them their expected time to run 3 miles. 
  6. Runners are responsible for keeping their race numbers, which will also be needed for the August race (the last one this year)
  7. The start is by the first bench on the main path leading from the Windmill towards the foot tunnel under the A3, a few minutes away from the Windmill. The finish is at the horse trough. Two laps (+ 200 m) for the full 3 miles. The course is two laps of the parkrun course ( which will be marked by white flour dots and arrows. 
  8. Kit not needed for running can be left at the runners' risk near the finish, where a marshal will be located
  9. Runners will be called up in start order and released at the correct time, starting from 19:00.
  10. If the handicap works out correctly, runners will finish close together, so keep moving through the funnel

Why no virtual race for 27

Why no virtual race for 27 July? I was relying on that.