Membership renewal 2021-22

Our new membership year started on 1 April, thanks to everyone who has renewed so far.  For those who've been busy with other things, but now want to get training and take part in club events -  we need you all to fill out a simple online health form to get the process going.  Read on...

Joined the club since January 2021?  None of this applies to you, your membership runs through to March 2022.

For everyone else:

First, fill out the health form here: - We'll receive notification and will then issue a payment request, which comes to you as a message from the England Athletics portal, where the Windmilers membership database now lives.  (The database on this website is now out of date and is not maintained.)

Filled out the health form, but not heard anything?  Check your junk folder, as the payment requests from EA sometimes get stuck there.  No sign?  Contact us.

Just not sure when you last renewed your membership?  or you think you want a different type of subscription from last time round?  Contact us.

For any of these issues, write to Kate Dancer and Claire Morgan (  We look forward to hearing from you.