Windmiler Running Routes

On the pages listed below are some running routes that the Windmilers use that you may like to try.

They are not all in the same format yet and some were designed for coaches and some for general runners but we thought it would be good to make these available to you. You can adapt them how you see fit to suit your needs (distance, exact paths taken etc).

The routes are designed to help you to enjoy running on the Common and finding new places and routes. Or finding out new things about places you knew already!

General safety:

During Covid restrictions, please stick to the rules that apply at the time in terms of numbers in your group, social distancing. In particular please be sensitive to other users of the Common, slowing down where required to social distance.

Please note that many routes are on the Common and, in some places, it can be uneven underfoot and can get muddy or slippy if wet.

Many routes are on major paths in the open parts of the Common, but some routes do go through more wooded areas and those where there may be fewer members of the public around. If you would feel more comfortable running these routes as a pair on in a group please do.

Wimbledon Common War Monuments Route approx. 5 miles : a route taking in all 5 war related monuments on the Common and Putney Heath.

The Ponds of Wimbledon Common approx. 5 miles: a route taking in the 9 ponds on Wimbledon Common.

Sunday Social 5 mile routes into Richmond Park (Covid-friendly): some of our usual 5 mile routes into Richmond Park with alternatives for getting there and back and alternatives in the Park.

The Quest for the Royal Oak: a 5.5 mile run to perhaps the oldest tree in Richmond Park - the Royal Oak at over 750 years.

Classic Windmiler Sunday Social 3 mile run

Classic Windmiler Sunday Social 7 mile run: into Richmond Park and around Sidmouth Wood