RunThrough Alexandra Palace

Race Date: Sunday, 25/10/2020
Race Distance: 10 Km

I didn't really feel prepared for this. If you haven't raced over 5K since March, why not do it on what is regarded as the hardest course on RunThrough's calendar (Box Hill doesn't have the steepness from memory). One 10K on entirely flat fields in Wimbledon Common in 1 hour 13 mins three weeks ago didn't fill me with confidence on what I knew would be a hilly course. That was my only run over 5K since early March. I generally enjoy these challenging courses. It was a three lapper with the hills loaded on the first half of each lap. I was determined to run the whole way but at 4K on lap 2 part way up a brutally steep incline I saw my Heart Rate and decided it was too high when I was physically struggling, so decided to walk the rest of the climb. To the best of my knowledge, that's the first time I've walked in well over one hundred RunThrough races, but it was the right think to do. I'm not fit enough at the moment to fight up the tougher hills. Only five runners went sub 40 minutes even with the contra downhills to help them. I'd entered with a 1 hour 15 minute estimate for the purposes of my starting position and was scarred I wouldn't get near it. So not disappointed and I know it did me a lot of good.