Windmiler Awards 2020 announcement

Awards to be 'presented' (virtually) on Tue 21st Dec.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, and while for many of us, running has never been more important, it's certainly not provided a level playing field. People have had to deal with unprecedented circumstances, from health to work - and racing and performance have been far from people's minds. That's not to say there haven't been some brilliant performances from runners, swimmers and cyclists - or different combinations of all three - but for many, racing has either been understandably unimportant, or logistically impossible. 

So the 2020 Windmiler Awards will be - like 2020 itself - very different. We all hope that 2021 will see us back to a more normal life and a more normal approach, and the great performances we have seen in 2020 will certainly be taken into account next year as a sort of extended season - but for this year, we would like to simply use the awards to thank those Windmilers who have gone above and beyond to help their fellow runners to get out, stay healthy, and enjoy their running. 

Therefore members are invited to nominate people who they feel deserve a big thank you. Again, this is not a normal year, so this is not for a trophy, but just so that people who have helped the club can have their kindness acknowledged and receive a token of our collective appreciation.

The (loose) criteria for nominations

  • Nominations must be for people who have helped the club generally, rather than just an individual who has helped you. We have all relied on friends, in the club and outside, in 2020, and I'm sure there are countless examples of people helping each other so this is not to downplay individual kindness! But the idea of these awards is to thank people who have specifically helped the club more generally, so please do bear that in mind. 
  • Please could you add a sentence or two to your nomination explaining what this person has done, and why you would like them to be thanked publicly by the club. 

To nominate someone ... 

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