Autumn Run Series

[69 Windmilers came out for the final event in The Autumn Run Series: the one-mile run! If you are logged in, the results are attached. Well done to everyone who took part.]

Colin (Events Rep) and Hannah Carr have been coming up with ideas to get people active and engaged over the next few months. Here are the details, from Hannah.

So, races are being cancelled again, restrictions are getting tighter, but the great thing is... we can still run, and we can still feel like a community. So I bring you...  
The Autumn Run Series.

The series consists of four events, over the next two months: 5k (Friday 9 to Sunday 11 October; 'How far can you run in 30 minutes?' (Friday 23 to Sunday 25 October); 10k (Friday 13 to Sunday 15 November); and 1 mile (Friday 27 to Sunday 29 November).  
The series is for anybody in the club. You don't have to do all four runs (they're separate events) but I'd encourage you to do them all, as it will be fun, plus everyone who participates gets points for every run they complete. This is just some internal club fun, where those that want to race can race, those that just want to join in, can join in. It's an opportunity to train for something and feel like you're a part of something, too. We'll make a song and dance about everyone taking part on the event weekends – so please join in, and let's be cheering each other on.  
How each event will work?  
You'll have from a Friday-until Sunday 8pm of a particular weekend to complete the run. Please follow social-distancing guidelines when doing your run. I'll send a link where you can sign up the weekend before that particular run. Then the weekend of the run, I'll send a form to fill in with your time and any pictures you took (to fill in by Sunday 8pm). Points shall be calculated after each weekend. (If you'd rather not submit a time, but still take part – that's OK, you'll still get participation points).  
Note: You can always do the distance within another run (for example, a 5k within your Sunday long run).  
What's this point system malarkey?  
There are two categories: Open Men; Open Women. In both categories, the first Windmiler finisher scores 12 points, the second 11 points, and so on down to three points for 10th place. All other finishers score two points (so two points if you just take part). These are the main categories and everyone who takes part shall be put in the men's or women's open.   
Where can I see the results?  
Results will be posted on the website and a summary on Facebook (I'll drop a link in the FB post). Both the points system, and the time/distance leaderboard will be on the website.  
(Note: You don't have to publish your time to the leaderboard, you can tick a box saying you'd rather not, when you submit your time/photo.)  
So now what?  
Sign up for the mile run, the FINAL challenge of the series, to be completed between Fri 27th and Sun 29th Nov.

Any questions? Email me at


Thanks to Hannah and Colin

Thanks to Hannah and Colin for sorting this out.