Scilly 360

Race Date: Saturday, 12/09/2020
Race Distance: Other - Swim

The Scilly 360 is a challenging four leg 15 km (9.3 miles) sea swim around St Mary’s, the largest of the 145 islands in the Isles of Scilly archipelago. Despite limited training over the summer, five Windmilers (Sophie Bennet, Gemma Hardy, Charles Leonard, Peter Metcalf and Julian Ward, supported by Jo Ward, Melloney Johns and baby Kytto) travelled out to the islands to take on the challenge. A beautiful sunny day provided some warmth to counter the 14 °C sea temperature. Guided by a team of kayakers, the four legs took us clockwise round the island, the main challenge on the first two legs being dense forests of seaweed that had to be swum over or through. The third leg proved particularly challenging with swell and chop against us, slipping between rocks and the island and moving away from the coast as we crossed Old Town Bay and round Peninnis Head to swim in to Porthcressa Beach, a few hundred metres across the island from our start point. The final leg took us around the walled garrison on the west of the island, finishing on the steps of the harbour quay. Julian led the Windmilers in, followed by Sophie and Charles. Pete and Gemma had sensibly taken the safety boat option on legs three and four respectively in order to come back and swim another day. The event day was followed by a Sunday Swim down, between three of the other main islands, Bryher, Samson and Tresco with Sophie, Gemma and Charles testing their tired shoulders and Mell swapping Kytto minding duties with Pete to swim between the islands. This really is an exceptional event in a beautiful setting and it was made many times more enjoyable by the great company, inspiration and support of fellow Windmilers. (46 individuals and 16 teams finished the swim, positions below are the overall position including teams.)