Henley Swim Festival 4 mile challenge

Race Date: Saturday, 29/08/2020
Race Distance: Other - Swim

I wasn't too aware of exactly where Henley was when I entered the pub to club. Given that they offered camping and it turned out to be further away than I'd originally understood, it seemed to make sense to stay over for the 4 mile challenge. This consisted of swim, enjoy, get out, feel cold, feel very cold, drink coffee, thaw out, snack, repeat x4. I managed to swim faster than 30 mins once which was nice. My times were fractionally slower throughout the day; I like to think that was due to worsening conditions as the wind got up and there was more chop from passing boats throughout the day, though possibly endurance and pacing could be part of it. The organisers were ace, Kerri Ann Payne was there and there were some moments in my first mile where I really found a rhythm that made the day for me. Totally recommended (swimming skins)