Run Through Lee Valley Velopark

Race Date: Saturday, 29/08/2020
Race Distance: 5 Km

Now where was I, March seems a long time ago. I ran my first ever Half on the 1st, my second six days later, then a quick (for me) 5k four days after that. A final part walked parkrun; then that was it. Unlike many (most?) of you I just stopped running; my longest distance in April and May was less than 100 METRES and that was walked. RunThrough are up and running again with a number of venues agreed; although from looking at other organisations/events, that won’t include the Royal Parks. The Velopark was ideal for social distancing. The volunteers were issued PPE and we were kept 2 metres apart approaching the start line, the chip timing meaning there was no need to hurry (not that I did once I started anyway!). Multiple waves were run during the day as the session was extended from its traditional 3 hours to 6 hours to minimise overlap between different race distances. The Battersea Park races this coming weekend are designed to avoid any overlaps. Good luck to all Windmilers, I’ve spotted a few of you in the entry list. Unsurprisingly it was hard work. I was nearly 8 minutes slower than my 5k in March with exactly the same average Heart Rate. And my pace was slower than my Half Marathon pace. My expert(!) analysis is that I’m not very fit at the moment.