Windmilers’ participant session rules (20th July 2020)

England Athletics advises that people should continue to train and exercise in groups of up to six adhering to social distancing. We recommend that members who run in their own informal groups apply the club's participant session rules. Although less restrictive guidelines now exist for some situations, these club rules are intended to protect the safety of participants and the general public, and to preserve a positive reputation for the running community and the Wimbledon Windmilers club.


Covid-19 symptoms

Do not attend a session if you have tested positive or if you suspect you have Covid-19.



Participants must observe hygiene standards as specified by the government. Wash your hands.


Social distancing

Participants must remain at least two metres distance from one another throughout the session. To maintain a good public perception of the running community and the club, it is recommended that social distancing is maintained regardless of whether participants are from the same household or in the same social bubble.


Maximum group size

The maximum group size allowed by the government to exercise outdoors is currently six. Participants join the group with the understanding that additional people who approach the group during the session will be informed by a member of the group that the group cannot take additional runners. Uncoached groups must take on this responsibility as individuals, splitting into separate groups on different routes as needed. Groups should not congregate with other groups, even temporarily.


Defensive running

Participants are recommended to adopt an attitude of 'defensive running', which means we give way to other people and treat our session objectives as a second priority when needed. When encountering others, groups of runners should be ready to stop and step aside rather than run in single file.


20th July 2020, Anne Davies, Covid-19 Coordinator, Wimbledon Windmilers