Mental Health Awareness Week: 18 – 24 May

We mark this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week eight weeks into the lockdown. Some of us will be suffering from isolation, loneliness or anxiety. Being cut off from our regular running, cycling and training routines and from the Windmilers’ social networks can make things even harder. So the Windmilers are continuing to provide a wide range of opportunities to stay fit, stay connected and to look after your mental health and well-being...

The important message is don’t struggle in silence. Seek help from family or friends, work colleagues or neighbours but don’t forget that the Windmilers are here for you too. You can get in touch with us in the strictest confidence. And if you think a fellow Windmiler is suffering, do reach out to them, be a sympathetic ear and encourage them to seek help.

Our Welfare Officers, are here for you. If you want a chat or need some support, however big or small, please reach out Lorna Young or Richard Cohen by emailing or by phone: Richard 07505 248847; Lorna: 07870645623

Run & Talk mental Health Champions: You can also approach one of the clubs MHCs (Steve Fletcher, Emma Lonnen, Gavin McLaughlan, Susie O’Connor, Amy Prescott, Carl Rautenbach) or email