Virtual 3-mile handicap

Windmilers run a 3-mile handicap series of races on Wimbledon Common on the the last Tuesday of the month, from April to August. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to hold this as a real event this month, nor probably next month, too, so we shall be holding a virtual 3-mile handicap race centred round Tuesday 28 April.

From Saturday 25 April to Friday 1 May, run 3 miles and let events rep Colin Harris know how long it took. You can run it as many times as you like (so long as you don't exercise more than once a day, of course), and let Colin know each time, or save it up to the end of the week and give him your fastest time; email If you can't get onto the Common to run the official course, any route of 3 miles is fine. You don't have to use your Garmin or Strava to ensure the course is accurate - any course of about 3 miles is good. Just make sure you can keep your social distance while doing it. Colin will collate all the results and they will be published after the event