Run Through Hyde Park

Race Date: Saturday, 22/02/2020
Race Distance: 10 Km

I don't do warm-ups. When I played football at school my idea of a warm-up was the heating in the minibus and to venture onto the pitch when the referee blew his whistle to get everyone to line-up. I think I've done a warm-up prior to a 10K once before. Today I did a 5K (two lap) warm-up on a course I know well and promptly got lost as the marshals weren't yet in place! After the two laps I ran past the start line, turned back trusting that my watch and the start time were aligned so I wouldn't get mown down by hundreds of runners. I cleared the route with 5 seconds to go on the verbal count down to the start. I was able to keep running to be the last person to cross the start line and as a result the 15K was my second longest ever non-stop run. I saw Darren recorded in the results. I believe Darren is relatively new to the Windmilers. Welcome Darren.