Valentine's 10K

Race Date: Sunday, 16/02/2020
Race Distance: 10 Km

We had to wait until Saturday evening to find out whether this would be cancelled due to Storm Dennis. I was rather hoping it would be, but they decided to go ahead, unlike several other events (I thought it a bit ironic that the ultra runners in the club all got a lie in while the road runners were battling the elements). In the end the conditions could have been worse. The rain ceased for a while and during the middle section I was thinking it was actually okay apart from a lot of water on the road. Turning into the wind for the last few, mostly uphill, kilometres was a bit of a different story though, as the rain decided to set in. I was thinking I'd be happy to come in under 50 mins and as I turned into the last stretch to the finish I could see 49 something on the clock. Gave it a bit of a push and just made it! This is a nicely organised club race in Chessington with a technical T-shirt (albeit a bit big) at the end and a spacious, warm race HQ with lots of facilities (I was going to say toilets but I seem to dwell on those a lot in race reports, maybe too much).