RunThrough Newbury Racecourse

Race Date: Sunday, 09/02/2020
Race Distance: 10 Km

First running of this event at Newbury Racecourse which we were correctly advised would go ahead whatever Storm Ciara threw at us. I arrived in the Car Park to hear the race start, having been delayed on route to Newbury. My 5K PB was at a RunThrough event when I started 8 minutes after everyone else, so I was fairly relaxed. Got my chip from Registration and I crossed the start line a mere 7 and a half minutes late. With both gun and chip times recorded wasn’t an issue. A 5K lap alongside the course and around the grounds. Had to remove my cap immediately due to the wind. There was a section where on both laps I was virtually stood up by huge gusts that hit you unexpectedly. Start of the second lap there was a huge clap of thunder and torrential rain; the puddles I saw on Lap 1 were now small lakes. We then got hit side on with some hail, my cap I was now carrying came in useful protecting my left cheek which was being attacked by the ice-cold hail stones. Felt like a pretty fast course and at the next running in June you have to assume virtually every returnee will get a course best. Not sure my clothes could have been wetter in a swimming pool so total admiration to the course marshals who had to endure rain, hail, wind and cold for over three hours (there was also a half marathon).