Bexley parkrun

Race Date: Saturday, 08/02/2020
Race Distance: 5 Km

I seem to have inadvertently run a trilogy of parkruns that start with B and run round a lake. After Babbs Mill and Burgess, today was Bexley parkrun, chosen partly for vague proximity to Victoria Docks where I planned to swim later in the day and partly to get an ‘x’ for my simplified parkrun alphabet (all letters of the alphabet somewhere in the names of parkruns ran). Now I just need to find another four B-lake parkuns... Anyway, this was a two lap run in Danson Park, SE London. The run starts on the south side of the boating lake, runs anti-clockwise, climbing up towards Danson House, before dropping down on a muddy path through a section of woods (with the quickest and most direct line being straight through the mud) and back on tarmac along to the lake to complete the lap.