Street Orienteering: Wimbledon

Event Date: 
Monday, April 13, 2020 - 10:30

Wimbledon Windmilers Common and Street Orienteering

If you want to have an outing on Easter Monday, Wimbledon Windmilers in conjunction with Sheen Shufflers are hosting a Common and Street Orienteering event on Easter Monday 13th April at 10.30 am with registration from 10am. The meeting place will be on the Common in the corner by Parkside and Southside Common within sight of Rushmere Pond.
This is suitable for runners , joggers, walkers and families. You can make up a team and come with buggies, dogs etc. It is suitable for all the family and your friends who may be staying over the Easter period and it’s free.

E Mail to let us know if you are intending to take part. You can come along on the day and we will hopefully have some spare maps for you.

What is Street Orienteering?
A very informal urban orienteering race, where you are given a special map of the local area, with the aim of running or walking around looking for specific locations (controls) on the map. You will also be given a clue sheet (on the back), which will ask a question for each control that you will be able to complete when you find the correct location – for example ‘fire hydrant number’ or the ‘colour of door at number 20’ etc.
Each control is assigned a points value – generally the ones further away are worth more points. The aim is to score as many points as possible, within the time limit of one hour. Try to keep within this limit, as you will be deducted 1 point for every 3 seconds you are late in getting back! If you don’t want to be out for the full 60 minutes you can always come back early.

What does the map look like?
An A4 sheet with streets shown on with black lines and paths shown as dotted lines – and obvious major roads. As with all orienteering maps, there are no street names on the map! The controls are normally drawn overprinted in purple. To help distinguish which side of the road you need to be looking at, the control circles are shown with a dot in the middle. The start and finish is always at the same place and shown by a triangle.

What kit do I need?
All you should need is running or walking kit, a pen (and a spare is always worth having) and a watch. A compass is not required! If you are still not sure what to do – arrive a bit earlier and we will give you a quick tutorial.

Cost of entry?
Completely free. There will be Easter eggs, sweets, coffee and cakes at the start and finish.

Special Instructions
Please arrive in good time before the start so we can register you. We all start together whatever direction you decide to go in.
All juniors should be accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian.
There are some road crossings on the more major roads – so please use them rather than take a gamble!

Apres Run
We will head off to the Dog and Fox in the village where the papers will be marked and we can announce the winners.
Any questions, please ask. It’s essentially a fun event and we hope to see quite a few of you taking part
If you are planning to come along please let us know by Fri 10th April, primarily so we know how many maps to print in advance, but you can decide to come on the day.