Run Through Lee Valley Velopark

Race Date: Saturday, 25/01/2020
Race Distance: 10 Miles

Redemption! 10 Miles. 70 "Inclines". My first attempt at 10 miles at the Cabbage Patch didn't go well when I was overheating after 2 miles due to a bizarre decision to wear a second layer and got my hydration drastically wrong (I drunk a ridiculous 5 cups of water at the Water Station just before 8 Miles just to recover for the final 2 miles). Today I targeted 9:30 mile pace. Entered the last (mile) lap needing to run 9 minutes and got well inside. Lynn was using the race as a preparation for some upcoming Half Marathons and hit her planned target pace for the day; with no walking she'd like to add. Because I'd passed her at the end of my fourth lap, she decided not to let me pass her on my eighth lap upping her pace as the new lap line approached. Had I realised I would have chased her to the line! As I passed her on the slope starting my ninth mile, I had run the furthest non-stop distance of my life; you can't drink 5 cups of water without stopping you see!