Committee meeting minutes 08 October 2019

Wimbledon Windmilers Management Committee Minutes

Date:  Tuesday 8 October 2019

Start time: 20.45

Finish time: 22:15

Venue: Hand in Hand, Wimbledon



  • John Sabourin (JS) President
  • Anas Hassan (AH) Chair
  • Anne Davies (AD) Secretary
  • Gavin Mclaughlan (GM) Treasurer
  • Phil Reeves (PR) Men’s Team Captain
  • James Hamilton (JHa) Men’s Team Captain
  • Ella Waddingham (EW) Ladies’ Team Captain
  • Chiara Samele (CS) Ladies’ Team Captain
  • Jeff Hoadley (JH) Membership Rep
  • Steve Fletcher (SF) Coaching Rep
  • Ralph Gilbert (RG) Comms Rep
  • Claire Morgan (CM) Comms Rep
  • Jo Burge (JB) General Member


  • Colin Harris (CH) Events Rep
  • Simon Olney (SO) Triathlon Rep
  • Kate Carter (KC) General Member
  • Ebney Hossen (EH) Social Secretary


  1. The minutes of the last meeting (9 July) were approved.
  2. Welfare (incl. #Runandtalk initiative)
    1. There have been no welfare issues reported so far this year
    2. 8 mental health champions have signed up. The first #Runandtalk run will be 24th November
    3. ACTION: Comms reps to communicate #Runandtalk initiative
  3. Finance
    1. Finances are healthy.
    2. Approx. £200 budget was agreed for a new gazebo (in white for use in summer)
    3. ACTION: CS to research timing equipment and bring to future committee meeting for decision
  4. Membership
    1. Membership report: The club has fewer new members than last year but more renewals so the total number may be higher overall
    2. Membership form was discussed.
    3. ACTION: JH to make revised form clearer that athletes need EA membership for most races if they want to run for the club
    4. ACTION: JH to provide an export of member EA number to Team Captains
    5. ACTION: JH to add the 5 newsletters to the membership form so new members can select the newsletters they want to receive
    6. Collection & use of ICE/NOK contact details was discussed. Coach-led sessions covered by UKA insurance require a robust safety procedure to be in place, noting that the responsibility is on the runner to provide emergency contact details. In the event of an emergency the emergency services will be called. If contact details were not provided by the athlete the next of kin will be contacted as soon as possible after a committee member with secure access has accessed the club database
    7. ACTION: JH to look into how best to record ICE/NOK contact details on the club membership database and how to collect this information when members renew.
    8. ACTION: SF to brief coaches to require participants complete a sign-in form at the start of each Belgrave Hall and track session and make all athletes aware that they must carry ICE/NOK contact details on their person during the session if they have not provided these on the sign-in form
    9. ACTION: JH to look into how other clubs manage emergency contact details to better decide our own approach.
    10. ACTION: AD to form a proposal for Windmiler ICE tags or bracelets as an option, possibly offered as part of the membership pack.
    11. Website and membership database: this was discussed
    12. ACTION: AH to speak to webmaster to clarify timescales
    13. ACTION: RC & JH to work with webmaster to create webmaster role specification and explore options
  5. QM review
    1. CS reported that the feedback was very positive overall, especially for marshals. Numbers slightly down on last year, at 248, but more finishers. Equal M/F split. More club runners this year.
    2. ACTION: CS to hold debrief meeting with QM team to discuss potential improvements, including marketing, and to bring proposal to next committee meeting about whether event should be repeated in 2020
    3. ACTION: Team captains to bring proposal to next committee meeting about whether to host Surrey league cross country race next season
    4. Based on the above two actions and relevant proposals, the committee will decide on a race schedule for the coming year, taking into account workload on volunteers (both race organisers and other volunteers such as marshals).
  6. Coaching (SF)
    1. An additional coaching budget of £1,570 was agreed as per the paper circulated by SF in advance of the meeting.
    2. Track 5k: Agreed not to organise a club-hosted 5k event in the immediate future but to point interested members to another suitable local track 5k.
    3. ACTION: PR to provide a list of potential paced 5k events to Coaching rep
    4. ACTION: SF to provide 5k-specific training sessions and potential pacers for those wishing to participate
    5. ACTION: CM to analyse sign-in sheets for trends in attendance, to facilitate discussions about sessions
  7. Awards
    1. ACTION: EW to take into account any feedback gathered from the town hall.
  8. 40th anniversary / club kit
    1. ACTION:  JB/PR/JH to meet and bring proposal to next committee meeting



Date of next meeting 07 January 2020.