Want to get fit in 2020? Come and try the Windmilers

Whether you're new to running, training for a full marathon or a 10k or fancy trying running to get fit; whether you're fast or slow, why not try one or two sessions with the Windmilers?

Come along on a Sunday morning to Wimbledon Common Windmill (at 10 am). when we split into groups that run 3, 5 or 7 miles, or come along to one of our midweek sessions at Belgrave Hall at 7pm and see whether you enjoy it. 

Have a look at our facebook page and our instagram account too!  And although our membership year runs April to March, if you join in the period January-March 2020 your membership will run right through to March 2021.

Any questions?  contact enquiry@windmilers.org.uk